Here at Albuquerque Florist’s wholesale flower division, we offer the very best pricing on bulk flowers, directly to the public. With more 300 farms worldwide we can find just the right product for the right price. Perfect for DIY, Restaurants and Wedding Professionals. Albuquerque Florist, Inc., offering wholesale flowers, wholesale florist supplies and wholesale wedding flowers.

Wholesale Flower Pricing


Wholesale Daisies "By The Bunch"

Daisies "By The Bunch"

$4.95 (Per bunch)

Wholesale Snapdragons "By The Bunch"

Snapdragons "By The Bunch"

$10.95 (Per bunch)

wholesale flowers, Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lilies

$19.99 (10 Stems Per Bunch)

Oriental Lily, wholesale flowers

Oriental Lily

$39.99 (10 Stems Per Bunch)

Albuquerque Wholesale flowers, stock

Florist Stock

$10.99 (10 Stems per Bunch)

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